Gerber Baby Contest: Is Your Baby Winning the Crown!!

March 8, 2011

Gerber Baby had been the most successful name in America which ran parallel in terms of popularity with Hollywood sensations like Elizabeth Taylor, Ernest Borgnine and Humphrey Bogart. The journey for Fermont Canning Company began in 1928 when they were searching for a face matching aptly with their new baby food product and this search ended in the competition held by Fermont Canning Company where an artist from Canada won the prize for his sketch in charcoal. The sketch was in its simplest form and unfinished but was so much liked by the judges that it was taken as original without any alternations or changes. The face became a household name soon and boosts the sales of Gerber new baby product. Henceforth Gerber baby contests are held every year.

There is The Gerber Generation photo search contest which give the winners an opportunity to be featured in Gerber advertisements, websites for Gerber products with monetary scholarship for the child. There is also which is run online photo contests for babies. The prize amount can be monetary along with opportunity to be featured in the advertisements for Gerber Baby, Huggies, Disney etc. The winner for cutest baby contest may get tips for modeling from the experts.

You may wonder how to get into Gerber baby photo contest? Some of the steps to be followed are get the best click of your baby and submit it under the link You may submit under cute baby contest for 2011 which is one of the popular contests of Gerber Baby. You may also check the winner for Gerber baby contest 2010.

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Gerber baby photo contest
Can you give me some info on the gerber baby photo contest? My baby is 13 months old. I want him to participate in this contest.
How can I get info for the Gerber babies photo contest?
Where can I get the rules and general information to get my newborn in the Gerber babies photo contest this year?
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