Garrison dining set

November 5, 2009

When you are looking for a dining set that is different, elegant and stylish, you should look at the Garrison dining set! The Garrison dining set is a nine piece set that is taller than most dining room tables. Taller tables are a new type of style and you can give your dining room or kitchen a great look that is new and contemporary as well!

The Garrison dining room set comes in classic oak. It is able to transform its' shape with the help of a hidden butterfly leaf feature in the table! This way you can make your table square or you can make it rectangular as well! The Garrison dining set comes with eight chairs too! This whole set only costs around $690! That is a great deal for all of those furniture pieces as well as for the high quality that you will get from a Garrison dining set as well!

You can shop for the Garrison dining set at your local Sams' Club! You can also look for a Garrison dining set at the Sams' Club web site as well! This is a really great offer and you will not be disappointed at all when you buy your very own Garrison dining room table set! Shop today and see! The Garrison dining table will by far exceed your expectations. Take a look at this dining room table set today and you will soon see that this is the set that you have been looking for!

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