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October 29, 2008

A lot of buisnesses offer free samples to consumers. It's a very common and rewarding practice. The consumers take advantage of the possibility to test new merchandise to do a better choice afterward. Businesses think they can this way eliminate the competition by offering products to convert their consumers to their new merchandise. The fight is tough and free samples of products are found everywhere.

Some people go to samples hunting and take advantage of free products. Businesses methods to get to the consumers vary a lot. It can be gifts when subscribing or participating to study groups on the market. Or again walk around in shops and go to the perfumes department to get a free perfume sample. The simplest way is to contact businesses and do a request to get a free sample.

Businesses that offer a vast products range are the most known ones. Like, Nestlé, Johnson n' Johnson, L'Oréal, Garnier, Chanel, Lancome, Vichy and many more...It's possible for everyone to get a free sample in Canada.

On the net, we find repertories regrouping all the companies offering samples in category's like: free samples for baby, free beauty products samples. For exemple, the site " Québec échantillon gratuit" is putting on his site all the links for the demand of free samples. Also sites like, aubaineplus, radin, Grattecenne also do the same.

You only have to fill a voucher and write down your informations and you will receive the free sample by mail four to eight weeks later. The vast choice of products and businesses on the market indicate that there's a demand for that kind of approcach. That's called marketing.

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