Fly Porter

June 14, 2009

Canadian Airlines
Fly porter is a Canadian airline. Porter extends convenience, speed, and service to your entire journey aboard their planes. Each plane has a two by two layout, which means there are no middle seats, which add comfort and convenience to your flight. They also offer complimentary soft drinks, wine, and beer, as well as snacks aboard all flights. Fly Porter Toronto can be found at the Toronto City Centre Airport, also known as Toronto Island Airport. For travelers that fly often between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montréal Fly Porter Air offers Porter passes. They also have a rewards program called VIPorter.
You can go to and book a flight to wherever you would like to go. even offers special promotions. To bank in on one of these just put it the fly porter promotion code upon checkout. You can also check departure and arrival times on the website.

Location, Location, Location
Fly Porter Air flies to nine different locations. Only two of these are in the United States. They are New York and Chicago. The remaining seven are located in Canada. The major Canadian cities Fly Porter CA flies into are Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Québec City, and Halifax. They also fly into the two resorts of Mt. Tremblant and Thunder Bay. Porter airlines fly to each city multiple times per day which adds to their convenience. Starting in the summer of 2009 they will be making three daily roundtrip flights to Thunder Bay from Toronto.

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