Fig Newton: A Great Healthy Snack

Beth M
November 2, 2009

A fig newton is a tasty healthy treat or snack. The fig newton is made from fig and a lowfat breading. Mixed together this makes a wonderful fig newton cookie. The most popular retail seller of fig newtons is Nabasico. You can find these for purchase on their website as well as fig newton nutriton on their website as well. When you turn on your tv and while watching tv you may see a fig newton commercial. These commercials advertise for fig newtons and show you how nutrious and delicious these fig newton bars are.

If you like fig newtons but do not have the time to go and pick them up at the grocery store, you can always make the fig newton cookies by yourself. You can find fig newton recipe online. Simply go to your favorite search engine and type in fig newtons recipe and you will find many to choose from. If you want a big fig newton you can find a recipe to make a large fig newton. Fig newtons are popular to serve for a holiday snack and even Santa loves a snack of fig newtons. Most children love the sweet taste and they do not know that they are eating something really good for them. Fig newtons are chocked full of vitamin C and other healthy vitamins. To find more on fig newtons you can do a general search for fig newtons or you can head over to the Nabasico site and find many informative information to read and look at.

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