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October 16, 2010

Autopsy often refers to post mortem of the body after the death of a person. They are mostly done for legal matters or for medical reasons. People usually have the curiosity to see the autopsies to know what the organs present in there are. Many people like to know how the autopsies of famous people are done and how their bodies look like. Sometimes autopsy of famous people are done with an intention to know what special they had which made them so special. This group of people includes scientists, celebrities, famous leaders and politicians. The autopsies, if permitted are done to find out if they had anything special which made them distinct from others.

Not all the people get a chance to see the photographs for the autopsies of the famous people. At this time, famous autopsy photos are the only help for the people who can not witness the live autopsies. Famous autopsy photographs are available at many websites and sometimes the videos are also available. However, before accessing the famous autopsy pictures, you need to be very careful as they may be disturbing and offensive at the same time. The famous autopsy photos are available at various police stations also. They are sometimes published on journals also.

The autopsy scenes are very disturbing and if you have a weak heart, then you should never see them. Sometimes the pictures show the broken skull, or an open chest or the live kidneys and livers, which often look horrible.

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