What are the factors influencing research process that researchers should need to be aware of

April 17, 2010

A research process is a system of which a researcher have to gather information/data from the different avenue of search engines on the Internet, media, publications, journals, literatures, documents, blogs, testimonials, reference books, interviews and surveys.

On the part of identifying questions needed for the study, factors influencing the research process are: the credible topic that interest the researcher, questions that the researcher formulated in order to clearly understand the main objective of the research, the purpose of the research study, necessary plans, appropriate data gathering, accurate projections of the subject, the whole scope of the research and credible final analysis. Upon writing proposal for the subject, the researcher must know the weaknesses, advantage and disadvantage of any proposals and problems that will hinder the main goal in writing the proposed research. Those are the factors influencing the research process; therefore, the researcher must create first a draft body of the main structure of the study, review all the documented data and information and then produce the conclusive analysis. Lastly, another of the factors that influences research process is the originality and quality of the output of the research paper, usage of the right keyword, making use of the relevant and understandable words, the credibility of the sources, and accuracy of the details and the authenticity of the whole research work. In the final analysis and conclusion, the sources of the data and information should be given citation like the name of the authors or writers, publication date, volume number, issue number, etc, and the subject / topic of the research should not be bias.

Overall, the personal choice of topic that the researcher chose, the methodology used, and research designs are the greatest factors influencing research process as this will be carried out into practical motion in which affects also the credibility of the study.

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