June 2, 2007

Have you ever wondered when eyeglasses were invented and by whom? Well it’s an interesting story, so read on to find out more about eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses were invented in Italy around 1280, but the first reading accessory was invented around 1000 AD. It was called a reading stone. It was a glass sphere that was laid on the material to be read so that the letters were magnified. Then around 1284 Salvino D'armate created the first wearable eye glasses. And in 1752 James Ayscough introduces glasses with double-hinged sidepieces. It had both clear and tinted lenses and our rimless glasses of today are based on this design. Although these were not meant to be sun glasses. He just thought the green tinted glasses got rid of the glare.

In 1919 Sam foster started the foster grant company and sold their first pair of sunglasses to Woolworth in 1929. After that they became very popular and designers like Gucci began the Gucci eyeglasses division. Other Designer is ralph Lauren eyeglasses, and ray ban. Calvin Klein eyeglasses jumped on the bandwagon a little later in the game, as well as the Christian Dior sunglasses. Today even Gucci has Gucci eyeglasses in various styles and designs. Most of these brands can be found at any discount eyeglasses store, or even at eyeglasses Toronto.
But, If these great men had not started to make glasses we would not have some of the photography inventions we have today, the car headlights, or even contact lenses.

Do you know that the invention of sunglasses caused the invention of photography and the automobile headlight? Polaroid actually started as a sunglass manufacturer.

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