Importance of electricity

June 28, 2010

Electricity has become the necessity of today’s life and today, we can not think of a single thing being getting done without electricity. Be you at home or at work place or even at travel, you need electricity to power your light. It is very important that we understand the concept of electricity and impart the same to our kids.

In the childhood days, we must have participated in many electricity science fair projects. One of the common projects that most of us might have tried is to show the static electricity. However, to brush up your memory, let us first see what is static electricity? Static electricity is nothing but the natural build up of an electric charge on the surface of an object. They can be caused by contact, pressure, heat or charge. Lightning can be considered as an example of the static discharge. To meet the growing demand of electricity, there are many electricity suppliers which power up your life with the help of electricity generators. There are various methods of electricity generation: they can be generated from water, coal or from solar. Solar electricity and wind electricity are usually costlier than other methods of electricity distribution. However, they are considered to be energy efficient as they are derived from sun and wind respectively both of which are the renewable source of energy. The cost of electricity depends on its usage and varies from one place to another.

Electricity plays a crucial role at every stage of life and this is the reason you need to utilize this efficiently and avoid its wastage.

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How to make electricity ?
My high school final project is about the history of energy through the years. I would like to have something very different from the other students and explain people how to make electricity. Can someone tell me how to do it and if I could produce a little electricity project to impress the teacher ? Thanks!
Electricity from solar energy
How do we generate electricity from solar energy? What kind of benefit we can get from this source of electricity generation?
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