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Preetam Kaushik
May 28, 2009

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Before you get to know how to submit the URL to Dogpile it is very important to know how Dogpile. Com search engine actually works first. When you are searching on Dogpile then you will not get result only from one place but numerous. Live search, Google, websites and Yahoo are included under this. As it manages all of these results to pile up it’s seek results it is known as metasearch. This says that not even a single search result you see are really done by Dogiles. The results are actually piled up from other except dogpile com big search engine.

Different search engines provide you different results but the Dogpile web search helps in getting you the best results you must be looking for. This site helps in saving your time instead of looking for results in 6 different sites you have to visit only one site which brings about the best results for you of all the six sites. I must say this is a perfect time saver. In fact Dogpile website also perform tremendously in avoiding any kind of duplicate results so whatever results you search is just too original.

www dogpile com also helps any of your friend or your family member who either uses internet for writing blog entries or holds a online photo album or may be has it own website.

On Dogpile toolbar you can also clear the search engine history. It is much simpler to clear your history from Google or Yahoo toolbar.

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