From Captain Hook to Captain Jack Sparrow... the characters created by Disney Studios reflect our changing world

February 1, 2007

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Mickey Mouse didn't know, in 1928, that his Steamboat would sail across the globe, carrying a gallery of characters now familiar to children of all ages.

From the naive adventures of Winnie the pooh Disney to the boldness of Disney Kim possible, the evolution reflects our ever changing world. And yet, we still respect the value carried by Disney the lion king , and the success of Disney world vacations is proof enough that the dream is still very much alive. Stronger than ever, since it spread from the big screen, to our TV set, and now to our PC. To keep the kids busy on a rainy day parents will still browse on, or provide the children with a variety of Disney coloring pages. To illustrate greeting or invitation cards, most will still search the Web for that unique Disney clip art. Comes vacation time, all members of the family will agree on one of the many Walt Disney World resorts, and beyond the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, no visit to France will be complete without a day at Disneyland Paris.

A whole world of fantasy once bloomed out of the mind of a single man, and the dream lives on... likely will forever.

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