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Matt O
December 1, 2009

For two thousand years, the image of Jesus Christ on the cross has been preserved on the crucifix. Protestants and catholic churches are decorated with wall crucifixes in the foyer and the chapel, as a tribute to the resurrected Savior. Some Christians consider the crucifix to be more than just a symbol, but a blessed piece to utilize during prayer. Catholic rosary beads include a crucifix piece, and crucifix jewelry is often worn for a sense of holy protection around the heart. The gold crucifix necklace is worn by people from all walks of life, from every age, race and cultural background.
Necklaces aren't the only way Christians honor Jesus on their body. Crucifix tatoos are seen on everyone from hardened criminals to regular every day men and women.
Some Christian denominations look down on any crucifix tattoo, citing scripture that reads the body is to be treated as a holy temple. Chrisitan proponents of crucifix tattoos argue that a permanent symbol of Jesus Christ's sacrifice is a great tribute that doesn't defile their body.
As the spread of evangelical churches has reached across the globe, more Christians are open to the idea of a crucifix tattoo,praying hands or a scripture to honor the Lord.
Overall, the point of the crucifix is to spread the enduring message of the Gospel and reemphasize the point that Jesus Christ died on a cross for all of the sins of mankind. Every Christian who wears a crucifix should remember that message.
Catholic cross crucifix Red heart rosary from Israel

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