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September 15, 2008

Comcast is one largest company of cable, Internet and digital telephony in United States and one of the most controversial, because it blocked the use of P2P networks to their users, and they had to revert this measure when the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) ruled that their clients were entitled to use this type of traffic.

Now Comcast provides digital cable, broadband Internet service and telephony. And they ensure that have the best market price and the best service. Within the facilities and services pack that offer this company is the possibility of paying bills online, view the programming of all its channels through its website and even purchase products for both, home and for businesses.

Comcast not only has high speed internet service for home, but has developed a unique business division (as all major communications companies). And packages that include applications for use in the office, such as software or just a storage system, are part of Business Internet Business Class Voice and TV Class TV.

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Is the cable company Comcast available in Canada?
I know that Comcast is one of the biggest communication's company in the United States but is it also available in Canada?
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