5 Clues To Help You Spot Imposter Coach Purses

Keshia W
January 20, 2010

Coach purses are the epitome of style, elegance and high quality. These handbags are so popular that people are constantly pedaling knock off Coach purses to the masses of fans who adore them. Although your mouth may be watering for discount Coach purses, it's best to make sure you are getting the real deal before you spend your hard earned cash. If you've got your heart set on the ever popular black Coach purse, follow these four clues to determine if the bag you are purchasing is authentic.

Cheap coach purses are in demand. So the first thing to do is to take a close look at the way the pattern flows on the handbags outer fabric. Bona fide Coach purses will be branded with the logo starting from the middle of the bag and moving out. Another clue to watch for is the fact that Fake Coach purses also display the wrong logo hoping that buyers won't notice that the CC has been changed to GG. If the bag has poor stitching you can bet your bottom dollar that it didn't come from the manufacturer.

A third clue about the fake Coach purse is the absence of Coach's signature logo on the inner lining of the bag. Additionally, replica Coach purses won't have a serial number that's been sewn onto a tiny patch of leather inside the bag. Fourthly, carefully inspect the hardware on the bag. Take for instance the Coach Patchwork purse which will have the highest quality of zippers and buckles stamped with the YKK mark. There will be a serial number stamped on a tiny square patch of leather sowed into the lining of the bag. Now you are armed with the necessary knowledge for determining real Coach purses from imposters. Go ahead and shop in complete confidence.

Real Coach Purses Revealed

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