The Many Uses for Club Soda

March 29, 2009

Club soda has many different uses. What is club soda? Club soda is carbonated water that is often used to mix into drinks. For alcoholic drinks, club soda can be used as a mixer. Many people will drink it with scotch or whiskey. When someone orders a 'scotch or whiskey and soda', the soda part of the drink is club soda. You can also make non-alcoholic drinks with club soda. For example, you could mix club soda with any type of juice.

Club soda is also used by itself. Many people who want to have a drink with carbonation but not the soda or sugar will often drink club soda instead. Club soda has absolutely no calories. This way, you can drink it just like water. In fact, at many restaurants when you will get club soda in your glass when you ask for sparkling water. The most popular brand of club soda is Canada Dry. Many people will buy Canada Dry club soda over any other brand. Another good brand of club soda is La Criox. You can find club soda in the grocery store with the water as well as with the liquor. You can also buy it large bottles or in individual cans.

You can also clean with club soda. The carbonation that is contained in club soda can really help to get stains out of clothing, furniture or carpets quickly. All you have to do is pour a little bit of club soda onto the spot where the stain is. You can then sop up the stain and scrub it away!

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