The legend of chupacabra

October 17, 2008

Although we are in the twenty-first century a fabulous mythical stories continue to emerge, and one of them is the chupacabras, a supposed magical been who feeds on barnyard animals, a monster that stalks the cattle and that he suck the blood of cows, sheep and pigs. Initially started as a rumor the history of la chupacabra became increasingly famous in a few years and news from around the world began to do specials about this, reporting on the strange events in Mexico and the United States, including some in Puerto Rico and Argentina. And thousands of people claim to have it seen this creature.

Nobody has been able to show a real probe, but the bizarre photos are on the web and said to be the real chupacabra pics, and also on Youtube ( circulating videos of all kinds. Do the test, put the words "real chupacabras" and you will see that appear at least 220 videos of this creature, films made by students, news reports and home made videos that claim to be the real mysterious animal. Even many people said that chupakabra it is a creature from another world. All theories that may never be probe it…

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  1. chup 2008-12-26 02:20:29

    Default out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest

Who is the chupacabra? Can i see pics?
Who is the chupacabra? Can i see pics? Is this a real story or is just an urban myth from people of the country?
are the chupacabra videos the most watched in you tube in 2008?
Which is the most watch video of 2008? I heard its the chupacabra videos but are those real or are just created by humans?
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