Chopard Is a Chic and Fun Way to Wear Watches

Ellen T
July 27, 2009

So who and what is Chopard? Chopard offers a very exclusive line of watches and jewelry and they are serious about their work. Chopard is a Geneva-based luxury watch, jewelry and accessories company that was founded in 1860 by Louis Ulysse Chopard at the age of 24. Chopard initially concentrated on developing precise pocket watches and chronometers based upon innovative ideas. Chopard is regarded as a manufacture, in other words that they make many of their watches and movements in house rather than using the base movements or ebauches of other manufacturers. Chopard, which also has production facilities in Fleurier, is one of four participating brands in the Fleurier Quality Found, which certifies a very high level of quality to manufactured watches. The “Qualite Fleurier” standard is meant to compete with the Geneva standards such as the exclusive Geneva Seal manufacturing standard.

The Chopard Company has developed a variety of watch collections including quartz and mechanical timepieces, gem set and technically complicated models, classic and sporty ones. Just take a look at the Chopard Happy Sport Watch. The list of the leading Chopard collections is the following: Mille Miglia, L.U.C., Chopard Happy Diamonds and Happy Sport, Classiques, Your Houre, La Strada and Haute Horlogerie. In 1963 the Chopard Company was taken over by the young goldsmith and watchmaker Karl Scheufele, after Paul-Andre Chopard, the last master watchmaker who maintained the horological roots of the family, was forced to give up the business since his sons, following other careers, refused to manage the business. Paul-Andre agreed to sell the business to Karl Scheufele, who as the new head of the company, gained significant experience with watch-making and jewelry making. He contributed to modernization of the company and added the Chopard jewelry segment into the Chopard watch collection.

Chopard Watches

In 1980 the Chopard Company debuted with sports watches on leather straps. The range of Happy Diamonds was enlarged by jewelry pieces which included Chopard engagement rings. The first Chopard jewelry boutiques were opened in Hong Kong, Geneva and Vienna in the 1980’s. In 1988 Chopard established the cooperation with the Mille Miglia, an annual Italian rally where vintage and classic cars take part. To mark the partnership, Chopard has maintained the tradition of developing a new special edition Mille Miglia timepiece every year.

Chopard Jewelry

In 2006 the company celebrated the 30th anniversary of Happy Diamonds watch collection and the 10th anniversary of the movement factory in Fleurier. Mr. Scheufele is still the president of the Chopard Company. He has kept the Company as a family business. In the 1990’s his children joined the business. Caroline is head of the jewelry division while Karl-Friedrich manages the watchmaking department. Chopard holds three production sits located in Geneva, Fleurier in Switzerland and Pforzheim in Germany. The Company has organized its products distribution, including Chopard parfum, through 13 subsidiaries placed all over the world. In addition, the brand has opened over 90 brand boutiques. They offer Chopard fragrances including Chopard Casmir perfume.

Chopard watches prices are what they are. I don’t think I want to pay a penny less than what they are asking for, especially since they meet the Geneva “Qualite Fleurier” standard. I do believe that you get what you pay for, and as for watches and timepieces, I want only the best and I don’t think I’d be happy with a Chopard replica. Neither would you. Check out what Chopard has to offer and become a Happy Fan! Enjoy!

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