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October 9, 2010

Apple of every parent’s eye and the pillar of every nation, a child form an integral part of the society. It is of utmost importance and responsibility of every parents first and then each and every adult member of the society to shoulder this responsibility and work towards making the children an able representative of tomorrow.

Call of the hour is to give attention to every minute elements and quotients that influence the development of the children. As it is said a healthy body and mind is equal to million dollar bucks, every small details concerning to child health must be taken care of. Health is associated with upbringing, notourishment, child safety and child psychology. From the time of child birth till the time of adolescence, they go through mental developments and learn to react to their surroundings. This is the time when parents need to understand the psychology of their offspring’s and see to it that the development is positive. There are external influences too and hence society bears the responsibility to offer them a healthy, clean, safe environment conducive to a child’s growth. Education is gives us the understanding and ability to grow our rational and understanding. Hence child education is like the support without which the vicious circle is incomplete.

In Canada keeping in mind such necessities, Government has introduced Canada Child Support Guidelines and schemes like child tax benefit Canada and child care subsidy. In case the parents are divorced, children under the age of majority (which is 18 or 19 years) and still dependent on their parents are entitled for child aupport.The guidelines clearly state the eligibility criterion, determining the number of children, determine the parenting agreement and other factors in this regard.

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How to keep child protected at home
How we can keep our child more safe and secure, please give me some tips because i have no idea about it.
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I am looking for a child bed for sale on the internet. I live in montreal, canada. Do you know a website or do you have a recommendation for me? Because i don't want to pay too much.
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