Cheap Motels

February 8, 2009

cheap motels
These days we all want to be able to save some money when we are traveling. Much of the reason is because of the higher prices of airline tickets as well as the higher price of gasoline. One way that you and your family will be able to save a lot of money is on where you stay! If you stay in a cheap hotel or motel you will be able to save yourself a lot of cash!

One way to find cheap motel rooms is by looking on travel web sites. Some of these web sites would be,, Hotwire, Expedia or even Cheap tickets. Of course some of these web sites specialize in airline tickets, but they can also point out some really good rooms too. You can save even more money by getting a packaged deal too! That way, you can get a deal on your flight as well as your hotel or motel. lists some of the cheapest motels. They will list even four star hotels that have cheaper rooms. With these sites you will easily be able to find a cheap motel in Florida or a cheap motel in Toronto. That does not mean that they are bad motels either!

Many times you can find a motel that is cheap but not too cheap. This means that if you were to go with a motel that was in the middle price range, then you probably get some free meals there as well.

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