April 4, 2010

Change process theory is a system involving solutions to difficult social problems. The basic process of it explains how a group of early and intermediate accomplishments sets the stage for creating long range results.

Meaningful organizational change occurs when an organization changes its overall strategy to success, adds or removes a large area or practice, and wants to change the very nature by which it operates. For an organization to develop, they undergo major changes at different areas in their development. Different change process theory is used in business, leadership, organization and management.

Bosses and managers are making efforts to finish or accomplish a major change; it is the very nature in their jobs. Some are excellent at this area while others struggle and fail. That is the difference between a person who strives in their roles and to those individuals that get shuffled around from job to job, ultimately setting into a role where they are frustrated and ineffective.

There are different steps to achieve the needed organizational changes. One organization should set the change process theory that is applicable to the entire organization. This will able to analyze programs, identify risk factor and critical important priorities that the organization should take. There are many approaches to guiding the change process theory; some are planned, organized and definite. Some of these approaches work from the future to the present, for instance, involving visioning and then action planning about how to achieve the said vision. Other approach work from the present to the future, for example, identifying the present priorities (issues and goals) and then action planning about to address those priorities (action research). Different professionals have sometimes different approach used in change management. Some would agree while others will not. That’s why changes are always crucial as it need thorough review on what to apply in the organization

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What is change process theory?
What is change process theory? What are the different phases of change according to the change process theory? Please provide info.
Where can I get leadership training tips and theory?
I would like to improve my presentation skills and public speaking at work. I heard I can get some tips and theory (and more) at a leadership training. Any suggestions?
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