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Kim Kennedy
October 3, 2009

Chainsaw owners tend to choose a brand of chainsaw carefully and then stick with it through thick and thin, so you had better be sure and choose the right electric chainsaw. Obviously there are some makes that retain their popularity year after year, with regular improvements made to these models each year. One such is the Stihl chainsaw, which is still my favorite for light work in the garden and occasional heavier work when there is a tree down in the neighborhood. Homelite chainsaw is a more recent make but it is making inroads into to the private market.

Then of course you get the Ryobi chainsaw, which is popular with serious hobbyists, tree felling companies, home renovators, landscapers and others who need heavy duty chainsaws. Someone mentioned the Jonsered chainsaw to me the other day. I confess I don't know much about it, but check out these websites to find out more. The Echo chainsaw also has its devotees.

When buying a chainsaw it is advisable to find out about the availability of parts. For instance, one of the reason a lot of people opt for a Husqvarna chainsaw is because of the ready availability online of Husqvarna chainsaw parts. That really matters when you are in the middle of the job and you need a part urgently. You need to be able to order McCulloch chainsaw parts, for instance, at the drop of a hat. So go for a big name, or at least a make that accepts general chainsaw parts.

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I want a chainsaw
I am looking for a big, heavy duty chainsaw for tearing through the thickest of trees with ease. Where can i get a monster chainsaw online?
I need a small chainsaw.
I need a small chainsaw for severing thin tree limbs and cutting down small trees altogether. Someone help me find one.
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