Carnation milk

May 9, 2009

Carnation evaporated milk is the basis of delicious recipes such as fudge and it is something that is very healthy as well as very handy! It has been around for a very long time! There is no doubt that your mother as well as your grandmother have been using Carnation sweetened condensed milk or Carnation evaportaed milk! It is said that Carnation powdered milk may be one of the best things for your baby!

What can you make using Carnation? First of all, you can make malted milk using chocolate and Carnation powder! The Carnation dry milk is also the perfect ingredient for making homemade biscuits! By adding this one, simple ingredient to your biscuit mix, they will come out tasting the best every! Also, Carnation milk products are also used in making fudge as well in pies! Check out the web site: or! You will find all of your favorite, classic recipes that use Carnation milk products!

Carnation has stepped up into the modern world by adding Carnation instant breakfast milk mixes! These come in premade cans or you can by the powdered version! All you do is add any kind of milk that you want and you are on your way with a fast, easy and nutritious breakfast! The mix will not only give you a lot of calcium, but it will also provide you with proteins and vitamins! You can find this in the breakfast food asile in any grocery store!

CARNATION™ Famous Fudge:

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50's TV: Classic Carnation Milk Commercial:

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