Car auctions

May 14, 2009

Did you know that you can get a fantastic deal on a car at a car auction? It is true! Car auctions are one of the best places to get a car! Dealerships often go to car auctions to get new cars for that lots! In fact, if you ever have a specific car in mind and do not see it on a car lot, you can ask your local dealer to look for it! Chances are they will find that car at a car auction!

Many car auctions are actually bank owned or police confiscated cars. These particular types of cars are extra cheap! A repossessed car auction is often a public car auction and will be anounced in your local newspaper! Take advantage of a public car auction! It is one of the best used car auctions you will ever come across! You can take a look at in order to find a government auction that is being held near you! You can save about 70% on a car and the fee to attend is only $1! You can also look at

Want to purchase a car online? Check out online car auctions! One of the best sites for online car auctions is on ebay! Go to! You will be able to find new cars, cars from Toronto, Japanese cars and used cars on ebays' motor vehicle auctions! You can also check out ebay for car parts that are up for auction as well!

Car Auctions:

US Government Car Auctions. Police Auto Auctions. Seized Cars Repos:

Wow Cheap Used Car for Auction. Car Classifieds. List 4 FREE:

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Terms & conditions of online auctions
What is this fine printed stuff which my friend told me to beware of? He said make sure that you read the terms and conditions of online auctions and especially those that are in the fine print.
s kijiji actually based on toronto?
Is kijiji actually based on toronto? Was it made by a canadian person? Is it true that they sell auctions throw ebay?
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