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Emilie Giguère
April 16, 2007

Canadian Tire is Canada's largest general merchandise retailer. You can find there home products, hardware, automobile accessories, sport accessories, as well as camping. lawn and garden products. Canadian Tire also operates gas station throughout the country.

Canadian Tire is known for his money. In fact, the store gives you coupons that looks like money when you buy something. After that, you can use these coupons to buy things at Canadian Tire.

It is possible to do online shopping on the Canadian Tire official website. You can view the products, then choose the ones you want to buy and they will be delivered to your home. All your purchases will be put on your credit card.

Canadian Tire is open seven days a week. During the week (Monday to Friday), it is open from 8 am to 9 pm, and, on the weekend, it is open from 8 am to 5 pm. However, hours can differ from one store to another. You can get the Canadian Tire store hours on Canadian Tire's website.

Canadian Tire also sells a credit card. The Canadian Tire Options MasterCard offers you the possibility of earning Canadian Tire money wherever you shop. It is important to know that this card is free!

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Canadian tire store hours
I am quite busy and whenever i visit canadian tire store, it gets closed. From where can i find out the store hours of canadian tire?
About canadian tire corporation?
I have heard a lot of praises being given to the canadian tire corporation, someone please tell me what they do and what makes them so special?
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