Canada 411 find a person

July 12, 2010

Whenever you go to a new city or a country, what you need is a telephone directory to help you know the place better. A directory is a set of listings where you can find the details of any company or individual, which offers services in the local city or place. 411 directory service is one such service which offers directory listings for a wide range of service providers.

Canada 411 find a person is an online directory service offered in Canada. Reverse look up Canada is one of the services where the person or individual can search with the phone number of the company or the individual. Reverse phone look up 411 service can only be used when you know the phone number of the service provider in advance. Apart from the reverse directory 411, the directory also offers a wide range of services where you can find out the listings and the contact details of the individuals or service providers when you search with the name of the service provider as the keyword. This service is also called as Bottin 411 which is a French version. To access this service, please visit the website

411 telephone directory is one of the very popular and free service offered in Canada. Right from providing free telephone directory service to reverse phonebook service, the Canada 411 provides extensive information which is very useful for the people who visit the new places. Since it is a web based application, it can be accessed from anywhere and at any location.

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Is true that in canada 411 you can find a person?
I never use the service of canada 411 find a person. It is very good isn’t it? How it works?
Can I find a person thru 411 canada?
I want to find people from my high school, can i do it thru 411 canada? Is really that effective? If i only have the name, is very difficult to search in his data base?
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