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September 17, 2008

canada 411
Some services are essential for modern life and would be impossible live without them. Just as we have incorporated electronic devices to our lives, today there are so necessary that we would cause a problem to stop using them (such as cell phones and cars), and with services is the same scenario. One is the Canada 411 yellow pages services.

The number is already a classic and there is nobody in the country who don’t know where to call to find out about phone numbers, businesses and individuals. The service canada 411 find a person is excellent. As well as to consult thru the phone you can also do it from the website,, and is one of the bookmarks that must be in your browser.

411 Canada has a reverse directory that helps you find who is the number who call you and leave registered on your phone or you have in a sheet with no reference at all (and you can not remember who is). This service is very useful, especially to see if you missed an important call. Of course you can also do searches in the yellow pages.

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canada 411 canada 411

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  1. olamble 2009-08-15 22:40:51

    Default hi, dis is seun 4rm nig am willing to no the owner of dis site. to no d product of this of dis site pls send on my email am waiting

  2. essoedjem 2008-11-16 05:22:26

    Default Le canada etant mon pays de reve, je cherche un job qui peut me permettre d etre basé au canada definitivement. je compte beaucoups sur votre bien etre... merci!

  3. essoedjem 2008-11-16 05:12:43

    Default je suis un jeune africain desirant travailler au canada quelque sois le job.

About best buy canada?
I have a sister in canada and she wanted to shop from best buy but is not sure. I would like to know some detail about best buy canada?
411.canada is an emergency number for canada?
411.canada is an emergency number for canada? Because everytime i dial it nobody answers back and the operator keeps telling me i got the wrong number
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