April 16, 2009

Interested to know about the ancient Byzantine Empire? The Byzantine Empire is also known as the Eastern Roman Empire. The word Byzantine came into existence from the ancient city of Byzantium on which the city of Constantinople was created. This term was mainly coined in by historians. The empire is noted in history as one of the greatest civilizations to have existed on the earth. The time line starts from 660 BC when the city of Byzantium was established. Slowly the Romans developed themselves culturally and economically and became a strong force in the Middle East. This increase in wealth attracted several invasions from the Arabs and the Turks.

In the 3rd century, the empire was riddled with economic difficulties and many other problems. It was then when Constantine took over as the emperor and renamed his capital as Constantinople. Under him, the Romans gained military strength and became prosperous. After him, his successor divided the empire into two parts namely the eastern and the western empire to his two sons. The eastern empire was culturally and militarily stronger and could resist the attacks of Attila the Hun. The western part fell around 500 AD. Later, emperor Justinian recovered most of the lands under the eastern empire. In the later centuries, the Roman Empire evolved culturally with lot of paintings, sculptures and literature created. In 1453 AD, the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople and put an end to the Empire.

If you are fascinated with the ancient Byzantine civilization, you can visit the museum where you will see arms, weapons, dresses, byzantine coins and scriptures and also some byzantine jewelry. You can also collect artifacts and curios like maybe a byzantine bracelet. There are many gold ornament makers who often design jewelry on byzantine patterns and you can easily get a byzantine necklace for your partner.

Byzantine Greek Fire:

Engineering an Empire - The Byzantine Greeks 1/5:

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