Boston marathon

May 6, 2010

The Boston Marathon is one of the most anticipated events for runners all over the world! The Boston Marathon takes place in Boston, Massachusetts each year. The day that this annual event takes place is the third Monday of April. It first began in the year 1897. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that more and more people took it seriously.

The Boston Marathon allows runners from ages 18 and up! There is a certain standard that you must qualify for in order to participate in the Boston Marathon. In order to find out those details you can find out when you go to register for the Boston Marathon. Men, women and people from anywhere can join into the Boston Marathon if they qualify. It is a great race and it begins in a suburb of Boston. From there the entire race goes throughout the city of Boston. You will pass some very famous and some very historical locations when you are in the Boston Marathon!

The Boston Marathon is a fun event for everyone! It is fun for those who may be participating in the race as well as for those who are on the sides watching! The day that the Boston Marathon takes place is a holiday in the state of Massachusetts! The Boston Marathon is very unqiue and it is something that Bostonians are very proud of! If you have a chance you should participate or go and watch the Boston Marathon! It is a great event to be part of!

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Where to find Boston marathon 2010 updates?
Hi, from where can I find Boston marathon 2010 updates? I need this information as I was out of USA for a considerable time and missed the entire update on this event.
What are the results of Boston marathon 2010 results?
Hi, I missed this year’s Boston Marathon. Therefore, I don’t know the results. Can somebody tell me the Boston marathon 2010 results?
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