Boggle for Word Fun!

Elgae F
August 15, 2009

The Boggle word game is a familiar one, consisting of 12 cubes arranged in a square, each imprinted with a letter. To play the Boggle board game, you shake up the cubes, let them land in the square and then write down from the letters that show every word group you recognize or can make up from adjoining letters. The goal is to work as fast you possibly can and come up with more words in the same amount of time than other players. It is a word recognition and speed skill and is great fun.

A web Boggle game is the same idea. You can play boggle online for free and play against literally thousands of other players who are all trying to use their alloted three minutes to find dozens of words. When you play the boggle online game free, you are being challenged by so many other people, potentially from all over the world, that you are probably at your competitive best. The free versions of the game are extremely entertaining, but if you want extra bells and whistles, you can subscribe to a Boggle Supreme version for a few dollars. It has an electronic player, Betty, who both plays and teaches and an excellent dictionary, to which you can add your own words as you play.

Boggle word solver skills are not just pure gamesmanship. The larger your vocabulary, the more words you will spot among the seemingly random collections of letters; your vocabulary will grow. The more often you identify words, the more your visual word recognition skills grow. And speed keeps you sharp!

People often turn to word games nowadays to improve brain function and memory. Fast-paced games like weboggle are a little bit more exciting than crossword puzzles or Mensa quizzes. So find a game, sign on, and play.

Good Luck!

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