Classifying the different levels of biological organization

May 5, 2010

Biological Organization is an integral element in the living and non-living things that can be found in our surroundings which are vital factors in our daily living. They are components with different characteristics and functions and are relying to each other for their existence. Importance of biological organization can be possible in the medical researches, studies and applications. The organization can be applied for understanding the human’s body functions and medical descriptions of various diseases, its prevention and cure. Scientific levels of biological organization, from the lowest to the highest level are as described below:

a.) The atom which is basic unit of matter; b.) The molecule is a science structure with combination of two or more atoms; c.) The organelle, this is the subunit of a cell with some special scientific function that can be found in the cytoplasm; d.) Cell which the smallest unit of protoplasm, usually with a nucleus cytoplasm. Plants and animals are made up of one or more cells; e.) Tissue is a substance of an organic body having a particular purpose; f.) The organ which is made of group of tissue; g.) The organ system which is the group of functioning tissues; h.) The organism – this is any plant or animal that have organs and parts working together in maintaining life; h.) The population or the so called species which is the grouping of organisms; i.) The biocoenosis or simply the scientific grouping of the population; j.) The ecosystem - this is the main part of biological and physical of an environment and lastly; k.) The biosphere, this is the entire part of the environment with living organisms.

The study and understanding the biological organization will give and guide us to appreciate every single thing in our environment. Especially by respecting and preserving the Mother Nature for our own survival.

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