Bacteria growth is responsible for some nasty diseases, but can also be used to help mankind.

May 6, 2009

Scientists have been studying bacteria growth for many years. With increasing knowledge they continue to find ways to combat harmful bacteria growth and are even finding valuable uses for some bacteria growth.

From the time man started observing plant growth and diseases that stunted growth scientists have been investigating bacteria and the damage it can cause. Louis Pasteur is generally attributed for recognising the existence of bacteria growth in foods, humans and animals. Bacteria growth is present everywhere. It can cause many potentially fatal diseases such as cholera, tetanus, typhoid and tuberculosis as well as more generalised ailments. Bacteria growth is responsible for Body odour and can also be the culprit in some forms of hair loss.

Scientific study and the introduction of antibiotics have done much to control harmful bacteria growth. While this is a great thing it is interesting to note that this has also led to an aging population that requires support in many other ways. Some traditionalists would claim that bacteria growth is nature’s way of providing population control. Not only among humans but in plant and animal species there is evidence that when the population becomes out of control a new bacterial growth will emerge to provide natural population control.

Apart from learning to control harmful bacteria growth scientists are also learning to work with bacteria in positive ways. Bacteria are used frequently in fermentation processes we are all familiar with, such as cheese, vinegar, yogurt and wine. Bacteria growth has been used to help clean up oil spills, and is often used as a natural pesticide. Insulin, growth factors and the development of antibodies are also a positive aspect of controlled bacteria growth. It is believed that bacteria may be able to be used instead of human growth hormone to assist in bone and muscle growth. They are used extensively to assist in research in relation to genetics. The knowledge gained from observing bacteria can be applied to more complex cells, leading to advances in preserving and enriching human life.

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