East meets West in astrology

April 16, 2009

For centuries people all over the world have looked to the stars to delve into the past, predict the future and seek understanding of who they are. The three major astrological systems used in the world today show both similarities and differences. All over the world people tune in for their free daily horoscope.What is it they are looking at?

Western astrology uses the twelve signs of the zodiac, represented by various celestial bodies and constellations that were considered important. By tracking the movement of the various bodies astrologers put together a horoscope. For the most accurate life readings an astrologer needs to know a person’s exact time of birth. Relationships are also checked forhoroscope compatibility. to see whether two people are likely to get on well. While the little snippets we receive in those free daily horoscopes can be amusing, but they are very generalized.

Indian astrology often known now as Vedic astrology, developed along similar lines to the western zodiac. Its foundations lie in the Hindu belief of Jyotisa which explores the relationship between the micro and macro worlds. In other words, what is happening in the larger macro of the universe affects us, the micro, on Earth. Just as in western astrology indian astrology also assigns the four elements of water, air, fire and earth to the various signs. The language is different but the symbols and meanings are essentially the same. Many Hindus name their children according to their jyotisa chart, check for astrology compatibility in marriage, and consult their horoscope on a daily basis.

Chinese astrology developed in a somewhat different way. It too uses twelve signs (animal names and attributes) and assigns these to a person’s time of birth. Unlike western and indian astrology there are no constellations or aligning of positions used. Instead, the system follows a calendar cycle. Five major planets are associated with chinese astrology along with the elements of fire, earth, metal, wood and water. The chinese astrological system astrology is strongly linked to Chinese philosophies of life. Just as in the other two systems people consult their Chinese horoscope every day.free daily horoscopes

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